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Supported Employment Services


Supported Employment Services is a personnel service which helps employer’s to locate dependable, responsible and loyal employees. The goal is to assist persons with disabilities to find and maintain rewarding jobs in the community. 


Skyline Center will prepare individuals for competitive employment by:

• Completing job applications

• Coach techniques for interviewing 

• Coach appropriate professional behavior and appearance

• Train on relevant work practices


Once the individual is placed in the community, Skyline will provide

Job Coaching such as:

• Orientation to job site, tasks and structure

• On the job training at the job site

• Mastery of job tasks

• Contact with coworkers and supervisory staff as appropriate

• Assistance in integrating into the work environment or changes in the work environment

• Consultation with other support team members as needed

• Ongoing contact with all parties to ensure continued satisfaction and success


Business Benefits:

• Dependable, loyal, competent employees

• Increased pool of labor available

• Cuts down on training costs

• Reduced staff turnover

Consumers increasingly want to give support to businesses that hire disabled individuals. Check out this link: https://askjan.org

From our clients

  "I love my job...

               I'm good at it!"


            A person receiving employment services

Pre-Vocational Services


Prevocational services are services that provide learning and work experiences where the member can develop skills that contribute to employability in integrated community settings. Services are expected to occur over a defined period of time and with specific outcomes. The outcomes are determined by the member and the member’s service and supports planning team through an ongoing person-centered planning process. Services are intended to develop and teach general skills such as:


• Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors, co-workers and customers

• Generally accepted community workplace conduct and dress

• Ability to follow directions

• Ability to attend to tasks

• Workplace problem solving skill and strategies

• General workplace safety and mobility training