The History of Skyline Center


Skyline Center, Inc. was officially incorporated on November 18, 1963 as the Clinton Association for Day Care of Handicapped Children. The organizational meeting was held on November 13th. The energy and motivation behind the founding of the organization came from various interested members of the Clinton County Association for Retarded children. They wanted to ensure that day care services would be available, in the community, so that children with disabilities would be able to enjoy a higher quality of life and continue to live in their home community and have the same opportunities that were afforded to other children.


The new organization was awarded a grant for $11,200 from the Iowa Department of Social Services to help to get started, and they arranged to lease a building on Skyline Drive in Clinton to house their new program. Currently that building is owned by the Meadowview Pool Association. The original cost for services in the new facility was $2.00 per day, and their first annual budget was $14,000. The association became a United Way organization on September 9, 1964. The first director was Mrs. Eugene Sheldon.


The day care program opened on February 2, 1964 with 10 children. In 1965 the decision was made to leave the Skyline Drive Building and move to 3 buildings in the old Schick Army Hospital complex, owned and operated by the Job Corp. The new buildings provided 4 times the space, and by 1967 the association was serving 25 children with disabilities. The expansion continued. In January of 1967 the association began a relationship with the Area Education Agency, which continued for many years and provided educational services for the children served by the association. And in 1968 they received an $18,000 grant to start a workshop program. That grant marked the beginning of Work Services at what is now Skyline Center.


It was also in 1968, May 14th to be exact, that the Clinton Association for Day Care of Handicapped Children ceased to exist and Skyline Center, Inc. was created. The change in name accompanied a corresponding change in the Articles of Incorporation. The word children was replaced by the word persons and the evolution of Skyline Center’s services was begun. Skyline Center began to show its ability to adapt to changes in the population of people that it served, and that ability continued to be present and active as recent history indicated.


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The History of Skyline Center, Inc.