What attracts companies to partner with Skyline Center Inc. is our flexibility. We provide hand packing/assembly programs for our customers. We also customize our program to meet your special packaging needs.  Several companies have provided us with their equipment and trained us and our workers to process their product. Bottom line – less costs for you – greater profit.


From simple two piece sub assembly work to complete unit assembly, Skyline Center Inc. is ready to help you with your specific needs.


Plastic, metal and paper manufacturers need items collated from time to time on short production runs. Skyline Center Inc. will hand collate your products that don’t warrant the expenses related to machine setup and operation.

Custom Packaging
As a production partner, we will customize our program to handle your packaging and shipping requirement from start to finish. From small four step bagging operations to large multi-unit displays, we can provide you with a quality product, in time to meet your customers’ needs. Skyline Center Inc. provides heat sealing, shrink wrapping and Blister Packaging for specific projects and effective store displays.


Rework – Salvaging – Sorting Q.A.
Departments depend on Skyline Center Inc. when they need quality workmanship on difficult time-consuming production rework assignments. Let us sort, salvage, re-collate, repack, or unpack any type of product. We specialize in reworking non-conforming products that you may receive from your vendors.



We contract with you to package your products to get them shelf-ready.  We have ample space for any co-packing job. This is Skyline Center’s specialty.


Order Fulfillment

Do what you do best, let us handle the rest. We will receive, process and ship your products for you without having the material come into your door. Our assembly and manufacturing facility is 60,000 square feet of production and warehousing space including 20,000 square feet climate controlled production area and 30,000 square foot of warehousing. The warehouse computerized inventory control system manages, tracks and traces raw materials and finished product from start to finish. Your components are received at one of our five loading docks, bar coded and placed in inventory for future use.  This saves you time, money, space and repeated handling of your product. Customers receive their items on time and with less wear and tear.


Packing & Shipping

From simple two piece sub assembly work to complete unit assembly, Skyline Center Inc. is ready to help you with your specific needs.


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Our Promise

Skyline Center has been in business since 1963 and we are committed to serving the needs of Americans with disabilities. Skyline Center Inc. vocational/organizational employment program is aimed at providing individuals real work in an industrial work setting. Today this challenge is met by uniquely blending industry’s need to achieve greater profits through outsourcing with our need to provide a strong work program.

Meeting the challenge of a multi-faceted company, Skyline Center Inc. is continually changing to meet the needs of our customers. The unique structure of our business allows us to provide products and services to government, industry and challenged Americans who have some discernible disability.

Call 563-243-6846 to request a quote or a tour of our production facility.
Skyline Products


Skyline manufactures all of our Cotton Cleaning Products out of 100% pure cotton flannel. Extremely soft and efficiently absorbent, cotton provides you with a durable, supple, high grade material which can effectively clean built up residue, dirt, grease, and oil.


Cotton Patches and Cloths are used for cleaning, buffing or polishing. They can be used to